Festivus: Beans for the rest of us from Booskerdoo Coffee


No need to Air Grievances, or stand around a metal pole, just enjoy a nice warm cup of the new Booskerdoo brew while celebrating Festivus- a holiday for the rest of us. It’s a perfect match. It might even amp you up for the Feats of Strength! (It’ll get you ready to rip open gifts Christmas morning, too). 

I was gifted some scrumptious coffee to prepare me for the holiday season. It’s the ideal get-up and go brew for winter mornings.  


Love the sticker! I completely agree, coffee does indeed, rule!(especially this kind). I plan on ordering some coffee from Booskerdoo and suggest you do, too. That is, if you enjoy good coffee made from expertly roasted beans shipped right to your door. 


This coffee is packaged in a Ball brand mason jar, a classic reusable item. Which, I love! I’m all about repurposing and reusable containers. 


Is it wrong to drink Festivus brew in a Boun Natale mug? Nah.


In case you are’t familiar with the holiday, Festivus for the rest of us, here is a crash course–courtesy of Seinfeld.

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