Big Devilish Chicken Dish

This month’s Fennel Friday blend is Big Devil and boy does it pack a punch of flavor! I thought about what to put together with the blend, which includes: fennel pollen (of course), garlic, habanero, mustard seed, four pepper blend, cayenne, ginger, curry, paprika and cilantro, among others– and I didn’t want to combine it with anything that has too strong of a flavor. I hope you’ll enjoy the combination I came up with. 


1 lb Chicken Breast (boneless, trimmed)
1/3 Cup Big Devil Hot Fennel Spice Blend
1 lb Baby Spinach
10 oz. Package Mushrooms
1 1/4 Cup Chick Peas
2 Medium Zucchini Chopped
Greek Yogurt
2 Cups Cooked Rice
Olive Oil

Serves 4

Big Devil is indeed a HOT Fennel Spice Blend, fennel with a kick! 
To start, cook 2 cups (dry) of your rice of choice. I used an organic long-grain white rice, for the more mild flavor, but you could always use brown rice. While the rice is cooking, which should take anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on the kind you choose, start cooking the other ingredients. 
After the chicken breast has been trimmed and cut into strips, toss it in the Big Devil mixed with a bit of sea salt. You want a light coating of the mixture. It isn’t too spicy in small quantities but if you dredge it and it is completely coated, it may be too spicy for you. 
I decided to grill these on a cast iron grill pan, but you of course could use a regular grill. Before grilling spray a light coat of olive oil so the seasoning won’t stick. 

 Chop the mushrooms and zucchini into 1/2 inch pieces. Drain and rinse the chick peas.

Saute the mushrooms in a bit of butter until golden, then remove from heat and set aside. I like to cook mushrooms in butter because it lends a better flavor. You don’t need to use much or you can use olive oil instead. 
 Do the same with the zucchini and toss in the chick peas when the zucchini is done, leave in just long enough to heat through. Set aside. 
Drizzle a bit of olive oil in the pan and add the spinach.This should only take a couple of minutes– but if the veggie mix gets cold while you are cooking the spinach, you can toss it back into the pan to warm it when the spinach is done.  
Plate the spinach, then top with 1/2 Cup of the rice. Arrange the vegetable mixture around the rice and spinach. Add the chicken and top with a dollop of Greek yogurt. You could also use softened goat cheese or cream cheese. It cuts the heat of the Big Devil and lends a bit of cool to the kick. 
Dig in to the devil!
Thanks to Pollen Ranch for the Fennel Pollen! 

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