Blood Orange Mojito for #BloggerCLUE


This Blood Orange Mojito is beyond awesome … it’s juicy, lush and maybe a little luxurious. And dare I say…dangerous. (Mostly because they are SO smooth and refreshing that you’ll knock a couple back and wonder why your glass is empty.) They’ll have you feeling like you’re on an island getaway, even if you’re just at your kitchen island sorting mail or doing the dishes. 

This mojito recipe is for our monthly round-up, Blogger C.L.U.E. Society and the theme for this month is Red. I was matched up with the lovely Kate’s Kitchen, and while browsing through all her delicious dishes, I knew immediately when I saw this vibrant red, luscious libation, that my Blogger C.L..U.E. recipe was decided. Kate has so many lovely recipes to try though (she has a little bit of everything- which is how I like to cook), so I’ll definitely be back to make something else, this was just too good to pass up. I didn’t do much to alter Kate’s recipe, just slight changes, mostly on the way it’s put together. 

This month’s theme of Red was a natural fit, as we have National Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day. I’m all about a healthy heart, but I’m not a big Valentine’s Day girl (just not my thing). And for me…red is one of my favorite colors, my kitchen and closet are full of the rich and radiant hue, so I was happy to put the color to use in some culinary fashion. 

(If you aren’t familiar with Blogger C.L.U.E. Society, every month a group of us food bloggers get together and pick a recipe from our assigned blog, make sure it fits with the theme, then make and share.) Take a look at the fellow bloggers included in the link round-up at the end of the post. 





With just a few, simple, fresh ingredients, you’ll have one of the most flavorful and  scrumptious bevvies. You can make this for your honey this Valentine’s Day, or bookmark it for a summer cookout. It’s the kind of drink you’ll want to indulge in all year long.

I choose La Croix for this recipe, but you could really use any sparkling water or club soda. I think the La Croix makes it even tastier tho, you get a little extra crispness from the citrus essence in the water and it just adds another lovely layer of flavor. I’m kind of obsessed with the stuff though. I buy cases of it every time I go to the grocery store. I’m not much of a soda drinker, but I love the bubbles and La Croix has so many great flavors so there’s something for everyone.

(I’m not sponsored in anyway by La Croix, I just love the stuff and wanted to share.)

Blood Orange Mojitos
Serves 6
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 20 (+) Mint Leaves (plus a few sprigs for garnish)
  2. 6 oz. Simple Syrup
  3. 8 oz. Silver Rum
  4. 2 Cans La Croix Lemon
  5. 8 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice (From about 8 limes)
  6. Freshly Squeezed Blood Orange Juice (From 2 lbs. blood oranges)
  1. Grab a medium sized pitcher, muddle the mint leaves, then add the simple syrup and rum. Let that steep for a bit while you prepare the limes and blood oranges.
  2. Give the mixture a good swirl, then add two cans (or 24 oz) of ice cold lemon or lime La Croix (or soda water of your choice), then stir in the lime juice.
  3. Fill glasses with ice (we used 15 oz. double old fashioned glasses) and pour mixture in, leaving about 1/4" of the glass free for the blood orange juice. Pour over the blood orange, and let it blend on its own or give it a stir. Top with a sprig of mint, and lime and blood orange slices for garnish. Serve with some snazzy straws.
  1. If you've never made simple syrup before, it's super easy. Take 2 parts sugar to one part water and combine over medium heat (So for this recipe, you would use 2 cups sugar, with one cup water, which will leave you some in case you decide to make an extra batch). Make sure to stir/whisk until all the sugar is dissolved. Don't let it get overheated and burn, make sure to keep an eye and continue stirring. When reduced, remove from the heat and let cool.


I first fell in love with blood oranges when living in Italy, what seems like a million years ago. They were frequently available, and so refreshing to enjoy on a hot summer day. They seem just a little decadent to me, maybe it’s because they’re a little mysterious, with the deep garnet hue. I’ve continued to enjoy this captivating citrus for a long time now, and like to work it in wherever I can…mimosas, sorbets, cakes and now, these mojitos. 

Many supermarkets now carry blood orange juice in the refrigerated section, but I always try to use super freshly squeezed when I can. The flavors are brighter and bolder to me, and it makes for a very smooth cocktail. If you can’t find blood oranges in your produce section, look for a bottle in the orange juice are. (I found the blood oranges at Trader Joes, a 2 lb bag was just under $3.) I think I got this citrus juicer from Sur la Table for less than $10 and it comes in handy so often. 


The two pounds of oranges only produced about a cup and a half of juice, but it was worth it! I like to top the mojitos with the juice rather than stir it in to the pitcher, mostly because I think it looks nice. I like to watch it find its way to the bottom of the glass… I know I found my way to the bottom of the glass pretty quickly. Ooops. You can of course pour it in and stir it up before serving, jus make sure you’ve got an ice filled glass ready to go. 


We got these, as we call them “fishy glasses” from our registry (what feels like a million years ago) and I just love them. They’re really called Reef, and they’re from Crate and Barrel, in case you like them, too.  I thought they’d be the perfect vessel for such a swimmingly good cocktail. 



Cheers! and Happy Dishing!


 Check in with all the awesome bloggers that participate in Blogger C.L.U.E. Society, you can thank me later. 

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