Guest post on Graphitas: MozCon Glazed Salmon with Organic Rainier Cherry Compote


MozCon and Seattle Inspired Guest Post on Graphitas

I was recently on a serendipitous trip to Seattle for MozCon, the megawatt SEO and Inbound Marketing Conference, and as a newbie to SEO I was eager to learn more and get inspired. Wow, was I ever! I work for a Tech Services company and was fortunate to be sponsored by them for this experience. Looking to learn as much as possible about the ever-evolving, complex, online marketing industry, I knew MozCon was the place to be, and it surpassed expectations.

While at MozCon I met some really dynamic, interesting and engaging people who know so much about SEO. I was thrilled just to be in their company and learn from them, in addition to what I took away from the conference. I left with a greater knowledge of the industry and some awesome new buddies.  I was solo on the trip so meeting up with such a fun group of people made the trip even more worthwhile. Included in this group of knowledgeable and entertaining new comrades was Justin Taylor from Graphitas
After talking with Justin about annaDishes over a few “networking beers”, we thought it would be fun for me to create a recipe for Graphitas for their Gra”fit”as project. I wanted something healthy, well-rounded and of course- delicious! I was eager to use ingredients local to Seattle as they are plentiful, sustainable and most of all, delectable. The end result was a Mustard, Honey and Ginger Glazed Salmon with a Rainer Cherry Compote, which has been dubbed MozCon Glazed Salmon.
For the recipe and to read more, head over here to Graphitas.If you’d like to see more about my trip, check out the photos below! 

Everything about MozCon was incredible. From the content of the presentations, to the attention to detail and the Mozzers genuine concern that everyone come away from the conference with a greater understanding and positive experience– it was all amazing. I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to see some of the information we collected check out #MozCon on Twitter

Some pics from my time in Seattle and my stroll through Pike’s Place Market


The weather in Seattle was absolutely gorgeous the week I was there. I was so thankful to have warm, humidity free days and a couple of cool, crisp evenings. I had a wonderful stay at the Grand Hyatt, they have a fabulous staff, and clean, comfortable rooms. Definitely check it  out if you are ever in town. 
We also made our way to The International Beer Fest, which was a blast, one of the best I have been to! And, Moz put on a great party at the EMP museum, both musts if available when you are in town. 
This was my first time in Seattle, and it didn’t disappoint! I look forward to going back next year, meeting up with my new friends and learning more about the Moz culture and creativity.
**This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own**

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