Hazelnut Balsamic marinated- Salt & Pepper Filet

Last night I wanted to make a quick and flavorful steak – with out muddying it up with too many seasonings or marinades. I went into my cabinet-stocked full of spices, rubs, shakes, sauces and soaks. I moved some things around and came upon one of my favorites that had unjustly been pushed to the back.

I bought a Hazelnut Balsamic Vinegar at a store appropriately named Oil & Vinegar and fell in love with it. The sweet nutty flavor really balances out the acidity and opens up to a beautiful bouquet. You can put this stuff on anything and it is instantly transformed. I have made grilled cheese with it in the past and the “guinea pig” kept asking what the secret ingredient was- he loved it! I however had not ever tried it on a meat dish.

So – I thought, why not try it on my super lean cut of filet? Just a hint of flavor to marry the perfect piece of sirloin.

First I rubbed the beef with a healthy and liberal dose of salt and pepper – let the sit to help tenderize the meat for a little bit and then added a drizzle of the vinegar over the meat. (Flip over and repeat. Let sit at least 20-30 min.)

I grilled my steak to medium- medium rare and it was fantastic! There was a slight hint of sweet but it didn’t over-power the flavor of the beef. Its a new favorite!



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