Hey Hey Rosé Day Party

Hey Hey, Rosé! 

I’ve been imbibing this rosey refreshment for ages but realized some friends weren’t as experienced with the elixir, so I recently threw a little Sunday night soirée. The pink stuff isn’t all white zin (no thank you), there is so much more to “pink wine”. What better way is there to introduce new wines than to have a party?  I wanted to enjoy one of my favorite types of wine, with some lovely ladies while having some food and fun, and share a few laughs. Done and done, and done and done. 




So… about the wine up, I mean line up (the centerpiece of this party)…


I asked everyone to bring a different bottle of rosé and we put them all together to try, one by one. And yes, we made it through at least a taste of every bottle. Obviously, this can all change depending on the size of your party. If you have a high number of guests, and someone isn’t a wine geek, or doesn’t feel comfortable choosing a new wine, you can always ask them to chip in on the food spread. I say this because you don’t want to have too much wine (I know, I know– words you’d never expect me to say), and not enough food. You want your guests to be able to taste and get home safely. Unless you’re having a slumber party, and that’s a whole other post. 


In the invite/event-post I gave guests some ideas of where they can buy good (and reasonable) rosé, from personal shopping experience, so they didn’t have to run around to places less hip to the Hey Hey, Rosé way! I have found some great options at World Market, Trader Joe’s, Total Wine, ABC Liquors, and some local liquor stores (like Broudy’s if you are in the Jacksonville area). Our local supermarket here leaves much to be desired when it comes to rosé, so if that’s the case in your area, keep and eye out and make note of all the worthwhile places to shop, and share with your invitees. 


We had a varied line up with some sweet, some dry. Some wines picked for the shape of the bottle, or the glimmer of gold on the label. We even had a bottle flown in from Washington state, as the gracious folks at Maryhill Winery kindly sent me a bottle of their Rosé of Sangiovese (Sangiovese is one of my favorites!) to include in the wineup. It was light, and crisp and perfectly dry. On a personal note, I am so looking forward to connecting with them next month at IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) and try all the other delicious wines I have read about. Thanks so much for the wine, everyone really enjoyed it. I think one of the notes on this one was, “Perfect for a PTA meeting or a field trip.” I don’t know about you, but I want to be on that bus!! 




The Tablescape:

The table was simply, yet eclectically, decorated. A little crystal, some silver handed down, mixed with newer, white ceramics, and wooden appetizer plates. You can really put this together however you like. I have marble cheeseboards, bamboo ones too, but I decided to go with a nice white platter. There were wine glasses and champagne glasses (I’d really hoped we’d see some bubbly come through the door). I had some glass markers so people could draw their names (or whatever else) to personalize. I also had little floral charms they could adorn the stems of their glass with when we moved into the bubbly. There may have been some fun, pink polka dotted paper straws, and floral coasters and beverage napkins. 


There were also tasting sheets, and scoring notes for everyone to use as we moved through the bottles. This part is especially fun because you get to hear the different opinions and the comments can get ummm, quite spirited as you move along, from wine to wine. 


I always like to have fresh flowers to match the occasion, so naturally here I had to go with pink roses. If you find that there are a few broken blooms that tumble out when you open your packages, set them aside. You can put them on the platters for a little extra pizzaz. If you’re as into pizazz as I am. If you throw a party like this closer to peony season, I would definitely add them to the mix, they are my favorite.


It is also important to have beverages other than wine for your friends’ refreshment. I kept with the rose colored theme and had some pink lemonade. I also had another container with different water options, like sparkling and flat. I saw some really nice Italian bottles at the grocery store so I went with those, for that pizazz I so enjoy. 




The Food Spread:

Olive Tapenade

Cream Cheese

Mixed Olives


Assorted Cheeses (more about that below)



Potato Chips (plain, salted)

Cheese Straws

Pita Chips




Dried Cranberries and Nuts



You might be wondering why cream cheese gets its own spot on the menu. Well, although it IS a cheese, it had its own plate because I like to use it with the olive tapenade, not just for a plain schmear on a cracker. Beyond that, the list is pretty self explanatory, you want some salty snacks, some smooth spreads, various meats and cheese to marry on a whim. 


On my cheese plate, I like to set up the assorted fromage and place cut out labels from the package on the plate. It’s not fancy, but I like it. I do this so people can see exactly what they are having and recognize it when they go to the store to pick up a wedge for themselves. Some of the cheses on the plate were herbed goat cheese, brie, manchego, and Irish cheddar.






 The Sweets Spread:

White Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting and Shredded Coconut

Raspberry and Coconut Macarons (I cheated here, they were from Earth Fare and they were delightful)




Dark Chocolate Pieces

It is all about balance, you need the sweet to go with the savory. I made sure to include fresh fruits that complimented the flavor notes in the wine, and a more bitter “sweet” like dark chocolate to enhance the balance. Then, of course you just need some good ol’ cupcakes. I had a chocolate cupcake with coconut buttercream and a white cake with strawberry frosting. These don’t really do much for the wine, but they sure are tasty.  



I know we all had a great time at our rosé soirée…So, whadda ya say? Go throw a Hey Hey Rosé Day Party of your own! We had such a sippin’ fabulous time that we will be trying it again for other types of wine. Maybe a good Cabernet Caberet, or a Pinot Paradise, or maybe even a Sangria Fiesta. The wine-abilities are endless.

What would you include in your  Hey Hey Rosé Day Party wineup and spread?



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