Mascarpone Maple Chocolate Dessert Crisps on Pumpkin Spice Raincoast Crisps


 Since I got back from IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) I’ve been on a BIG raincoast crisp kick, and I don’t see any signs of it slowing! I’ll grab a few while I’m working on recipes, or just sneak a snack as I walk by the pantry. I can’t get enough of the crunchy crisps. And the limited edition pumpkin spice crisps, I can’t even. They are gently spiced with autumn flavor and would pair with savory or sweet sensationally.  Although I’ve been a fan of the raincoast crisps for sometime, I hadn’t ever heard the story behind them. As I mentioned last week (in my Pumpkin Goat Cheese Spread post), I was fortunate enough to get together with Lesley Stowe and some fabulous food writers to talk about our foodie passions and how we became bloggers. It was a lovely evening get together and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet such interesting and inspiring ladies! IMG_2956 

Since I’ve been on a crisps kick, I wanted to create a way to cure a sweet tooth craving with them, and boy do these fit the bill! These are light, sweet, crunchy, salty, creamy…all the things you want in a bite of dessert. Dessert crisps are tantalizing tapas treats for the end of your meal, or just as a late night snack. Treat yo’self as they say.  And, as  bonus they couldn’t be easier to put together. In just a few minutes you’ll be dishing up this darn good dolce.  If you aren’t whipping up a serving for several friends, and just want to make a few here and there, just mix the mascarpone blend and pop it in an airtight container, then back in the fridge, for when you are ready to indulge.  IMG_3114    

Mascarpone Maple Chocolate Dessert Crisps
Sensational dessert crisps, made with creamy mascarpone and luscious maple.
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
  1. 1 Box Pumpkin Spice Raincoast Crisps
  2. 8 oz. container Mascarpone Cheese
  3. Organic Maple Syrup
  4. 8 Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond Minis from Ghirardelli - chopped. (You can always up this according to your chocolate craving)
  1. Let the mascarpone soften a bit, almost to room temperature. Move to a small mixing bowl and stir in the maple syrup. Add about 2 tablespoons and blend in with a small spatula or spoon. (Taste then add more maple if the spirit moves you)
  2. Lay out the pumpkin spice raincoast crisps and spread a teaspoonful of the mascarpone mixture. Drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top of the mascarpone (it helps keep the chocolate bits atop the crisp) then layer on the chopped chocolate. Serve on a party platter or set out for tapas style desserts.
  IMG_3115 IMG_3116   IMG_3118 IMG_3120  

Enjoy! and Happy Crisp Crunching!   signature-best  This is a sponsored post. 

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