Mustard Musings and a Celebratory Giveaway!

There are few condiments as worldly as mustard. From Dijon to Dusseldorf (and beyond) you will find the delectable topping married to a myriad of meats and other tasty foods. Whether you like to schmear some spicy brown on a sandwich or marinate your filet in a multitude of mustards- you can’t go wrong with the versatile flavor. (One of my favorite meals is a Steak with Many Mustards that my mother always used to make. It is AMAZING. I will try to get the recipe to share.)

This past Saturday- August 6th was the 20th Anniversary of National Mustard Day.

And to celebrate we have a giveaway thanks to the generous folks at National Deli. A savory $10 Gift Certificate! (There will be 2 winners.)

Even if you don’t win this giveaway- you can still enjoy the deliciousness! Check out National Deli’s coupon especially for you: National Deli Coupon

I get excited every time I see a new twist on this classic condiment- whether it’s wasabi or a special stout- it’s always a home run! So AnnaDishes would like to know what you think about mustard.

To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment here with the following information-
(One entry for each of the following.)

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Answer: How did you celebrate National Mustard Day? Or tell us What is your favorite way to enjoy mustard?

Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
Entries must be received by 12:00pm on Thursday August 11, 2011.

Happy Dishing and Good Luck!!

One Response to “Mustard Musings and a Celebratory Giveaway!”

  • Unfortunately, this National Mustard Day (and the previous nine as a matter of fact) I have not been able to fully celebrate the festivity since I moved to Italy.

    Italians aren’t big on mustard, one of my favorite condiments!!! I do remember though having a conversation where mustard came up this Saturday while having a gelato.

    Some friends and I were discussing the more daring master gelatieri who have ventured into producing ‘odd’ gelato flavors.

    I thought and proclaimed that a mustard gelato had to be tried out where I was immediately shunned by smirking faces about my vocal ‘American Tastes’….

    I won’t give up on this idea just yet though :)

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