November Foodie Penpal

This month’s foodie penpal package was sent to me by Gigi. This was the most thoughtful package! Gigi and I exchanged emails and she asked about my food likes, interests, and pets. I have two sweet dogs and she was so kind to include treats for them too!! I was so touched to see that. She really went the extra mile with this package of goodies! I loved every bit of it! 
I love plantain chips and dug into these as soon as I took the picture. Delicious, salty and crispy!
This looks amazing and I can’t wait to make it! I might wait until closer to Christmas to try this chocolate-minty loaf for a cozy weekend treat. It’ll go great with some homemade hot cocoa. 
My husband is very excited to try some pumpkin pancakes from this tasty mix! Maybe we will make brunch or brinner (breakfast for dinner) some night soon and have these with some spiced mascarpone topping. Yum!
Mushrooms are one of my favorite things! I can’t wait to use this Mushroom Medley. 
My boys loved these treats!!! I was so excited for them to get a treat in the pen pal package. I had purchased these for them once before when I made a stop at Trader Joes on a roadtrip. I have since run out so I was so pleased to see these! 
I love Luna bars and haven’t tried this flavor yet. It looks delish!
I haven’t had a chance to use That Green Sauce yet but it looks great! I’m thinking it would be great on a wrap or sandwich. 
I loved the boysenberry dried fruit bar! I just wish there were a Trader Joe’s nearby so I could stock up!
Gigi included a very sweet note as well as some catalogs, one of which was from the company where she works. In it was a recipe her Mom used for Thanksgiving stuffing. It was such a sweet touch.
Thank you so much Gigi for being so thoughtful. I really appreciated all the special touches!
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