OCEAN2000 at Pelican Grand

Last month I was invited to the big, beautiful reveal of the OCEAN2000 restaurant, at the pristine Pelican Grand. I had a feeling it was going to be a fabulous evening, and I wasn’t wrong. The property was stunning, the food was scrumptious, the drinks were perfectly mixed. 
I would love to spend a night here, to relax and recharge. Sip a mojito on the beach, read a book and lounge around with my Honey. The rocking chairs on the patio/ porch area are calling my name, the perfect place to rock the evening away, basking in seaside splendidness. 
Ocean2000 has a beautifully decorated dining room. The ambiance is inviting and so is the delightful staff. 
When I arrived, I checked in and received some casino chips. I thought it was such a great idea to have some  interactive games for people while the bites and sips were passed. I tried my hand at roulette and had some (very short lived) beginner’s luck. I’m sure that they were there for just that event, but it reflected the versatility of the hotel and restaurant as an event venue. 

I started the evening with a tasty Sangria made with Veev, a spirit made with Acai. It was perfectly refreshing. I was tempted to try another, but I knew there’d be much more, and I didn’t want to overindulge.

After walking around the gorgeous beachfront patio, which has the feel of being on the porch of an old friend’s, very swanky, beach house, I found the Absolut Tune luge. How could I resist trying a sparkling sip?! 
Tuna Tiradito
How gorgeous are these lights?! I wish I had some at home. 
Fresh and Flavorful , Local Mahi-Mahi Ceviche 

One of the most indulgent portions of the evening was the gelato shop dolci. It was stocked full of everything you could imagine. I felt like I’d taken a turn into Willy Wonka’s.

Chocolate Mousse
Coconut Tres Leches
Panna Cotta
Kiwi Cocktails
I am very much looking forward to going back to OCEAN2000 for, what I know will be, a delectable dining experience. If you are ever in the South Florida area, think of staying at the Pelican Grand and treating yourself to an exquisite experience, sure to delight all your sesnes. 

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