Sur La Table Excursion with Kitchen Aid at #IFBC

Another year, another IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) in the books. It was my second go at the conference and I couldn’t wait to get back to Seattle for the fun, flavors, food and flowing wine with friends. One of the most exciting items on the agenda for me this go ’round, was that I actually made it onto the roster for the Sur la Table excursion. Last year I ended up very (VERY) low on the LONG waiting list, so I was ecstatic when I was registered in time. The Sur la Table excursion with KitchenAid at #IFBC is everything a food blogger loves. Food, gadgets, fun. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Seattle. 


We zipped over to the Sur la Table headquarters to meet with the fabulous folks from SLT and KitchenAid, to learn more about products that have just launched, and what’s new for the holidays. Needles to say, my wish list grew by a mile by the end of the day. Luckily, they were super generous and gave us some incredible goodies to take home, but I’ll get to more of that later. 


 We all filtered in and everyone took a seat, hungry for what was to come. The first demonstration was for the awesomely handy KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment. This thing is fantastic, a real whiz of help for the busy cook and baker. Imagine what you can do for your apple pie prep with this baby. We got to see it spin the dickens out of a zucchini to make (one of my current faves) some zoodles (you know, faux zucchini “noodles”). I have a handheld whojamawhatsee but it’s got nothing on this zippy little gadget. Yes, I think I NEED one. 


On a side note, one thing I absolutely love about IFBC is that you are with other crazy food-pic people. I couldn’t even try to keep a count of the pics snapped, plates positioned, how many posts, tweets or snaps were shared. It’s so nice to not have to say, sorry, can I take a picture of that first? Everyone wants a pic before the first bite. Lots of crouching, climbing and contorting for the perfect, mouthwatering, shot. 


Back to the Spiralizer… we had a demo of the tool on a zucchini first and it zipped right through it. We then got to see the Sur la Table chefs prep a cold zoodle dish with baby heirloom tomatoes, dill, feta cheese, kalamata olives and simply dressed with salt, pepper and olive oil. (Some really sensational olive oil you can get at Sur la Table for only $9.95!)





The very lovely Daniela from KitchenAid was so kind to us, with demos, Q&As, and all around loveliness. Not to mention, she really knows her stuff. I enjoyed hearing her tell us all about KitchenAid and their colaborations with Sur La Table. 



So, here’s the little spiralizing beauty in all her spinning glory. Bask in it, go ahead. I did. And I love this golden-bronzey color of the KitchenAid mixer, which is a special edition color for this autumn at Sur la Table. One must always color coordinate for the season, even in the kitchen. (That’s what I tell myself so I can get some more colorful gadgets.)

The spiralizer comes with: 

  • Fine spiral blade
  • Medium spiral blade
  • Spiral slice blade with large core
  • Spiral slice blade with small core
  • Peeling blade
  • Fruit and vegetable skewer
  • Premium storage box


Remember those goodies I mentioned that Sur la Table and KitchenAid were so generous to gift us with? Yeah, so, this little shining gem above is the KitchenAid Precision Press – a super sleek french press with a scale and timer built in, and one of them now lives happily in my kitchen. I was near-drooling over this press while it was being introduced to us, then WAHOO, they announced we’d be taking one home in our ample swag bags. I was trying to figure out how I’d be able to justify buying another coffee accessory to H, when they gave us the wonderful news. Whew. I made sure to carefully carry the press home in my carry on bag, I wasn’t going to risk it being pilfered from a security check. We both made it home safely and I’ve been putting it to good use since. To get the best results, follow the provided directions, weighing out the ground coffee (which should be coarse, and ground immediately before steeping for best results) based on how many cups you are planning to enjoy (I always go for the max, of course), then clear that with a simple touch of a button, add the water, weigh (then stir to break up the “crust” of coffee at the top) and hit the timer button. Voila! So easy, insanely delectable. I’ve taken to brewing my own pot of coffee in this in the morning and leaving H with the ol’ pot he’s used to. Shh, I don’t want to share.

I was also instantly drawn to this Carry on Cocktail Kit. How awesome is this? It comes with all the fixings for the ultimate in flight (or on the go) cocktail. 


Like I said, we were also fed, and fed well. We got to try the zoodle dish that was demoed, plus ooooodles of gorgeous, creamy, Kerry Gold cheese, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, and more. Take a look-see… 




I’m not usually into mixes but this Sur La Table Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cake Mix was spiced, sweet, scrumptious. If you’re in a pinch and can’t make Pumpkin Pumpkin Beer Bread, you should try it. 

While I had a marvelous time at the Sur La Table Excursion with Kitchen Aid at #IFBC, I was bummed I couldn’t be in two places at one. This year there were many more options for excursions, like Chef’n, Teavana and Sansaire. I look forward to next year’s excursions in SACRAMENTO! I’m excited to visit a new city, meet new fabulous folks and see what they locals have to offer. I’m so excited that I’ve already registered!


Happy Dishing!




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