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Strawberry Banana Bread

Sometimes you go to the farmer’s market and buy a half flat of strawberries. Sometimes you have a bunch of bananas you forgot to eat in their 32 second window or perfectness. Sometimes you put all of it together to make something magical. Strawberry Banana Bread is it. 

 Strawberry Banana Bread

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Lemon Bars for #BloggerCLUE

lemon bars

Happy Spring, friends! I love this time of year, don’t you? Everything is bright, cheery and full of life. (And here in Florida, it’s already beach weather, YAY!)  I’m thrilled that it’s time again for Blogger C.L.U.E. and this month’s theme is Spring Vegetables. I may have bent the rules a little this month. Or, maybe I’m just adjacent to them. Yeah, that’s it. My recipe choice is vegetable adjacent. Fruits and vegetables, same family. It works… go with me here… 

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Pumpkin Scones for #BloggerCLUE Society


This month for the Blogger C.LU.E. Society we were given the theme of “Food Your Grandmother Would Cook” and as soon as I saw these Pumpkin Scones on my secretly paired blog Bakeaway With Me, I knew exactly what to make!

My Grammy was the sweetest little lady and we’d spend summer days baking with her at our cottage on Cape Cod. When we weren’t playing at the beach or learning to knit on the patio, she loved to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with us baking cakes or making homemade play-doh. Grammy enjoyed baking treats for us and these reminded me of her sweetly spiced Hermits. I have strong memories of her making the Hermits for my father and remember thinking what an odd name that was for a baked good. Those sweet and spiced bars bring me right back to our time on the Cape. 

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Chocolate Panettone Bread Pudding with Chocolate Butter Rum Sauce



This is one of the easiest, most delectable and simply decadent desserts to make. 

If you’ve never had panettone, go get some. Eat a quarter of it. Wait a couple of days, then make this. Even if you’ve had the delightfully, pillowy light and sweet bread, you can go ahead and get one and eat a quarter of it. Then make this a couple of days later. 

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Eggnog Rum Cake with White Chocolate Snow

As we ease into the New Year, and  your fridge has some Eggnog leftover from holiday celebrations,  when you don’t feel like drinking anymore of the holiday indulgence– here is a scrumptious option. This is a great cake for family dinners, brunches or those late holiday season parties. I made this Eggnog Rum Cake with White Chocolate Snow on Christmas Eve and have made it again since. It’d be great with coffee after dinner or in place of a croissant in the morning. To make it even MORE rich, you could always have a glass of punched up eggnog and rum to enhance the flavors. Personally, I’ll stick with coffee, or maybe some bubbly. 

White Chocolate Eggnog Cookies for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap



It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it is time again for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! I was delighted to stumble upon this event last year and was quick to sign up, and excited to participate. I was thrilled to see that the event supports Cookies for Kids Cancer. If you are unfamiliar with Cookies for Kids Cancer please take a few minutes to get to know them. I’ve thrown Bake Sales to raise money for their efforts in the past and hope to do so again soon.  Read the rest of this entry »

Herbs de Provence Fennel Pollen and Goat Cheese Popovers with Acorn Squash (for Fennel Friday)




This has got to be one of the most delightfully aromatic blends I’ve received from The Pollen Ranch. I was so excited to come up with something for this enchanting blend.  There is so much flavor, it would be delicious so many ways–like, added to a butter rub for roasting chicken. I thought first about putting it into a savory cookie type recipe, but decided to go another route. Check back with me though, because I plan to get to that soon. 

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Maple Caramel Sea Salt Blondies

These Maple Caramel Sea Salt Blondies are a crowd pleasing, home-run treat. There is a little bit of everything- the salt, the sweet, the chocolate- all in one. Although there seems to be several steps to making these Blondies, this really is, quite an easy recipe to make. It is a whip-it-up kind of dessert.


This recipe is for a substantially sized batch. You can adjust the amounts depending on how many you would like to serve. This bacth will yield about 25 blondies.


3 sticks melted butter
3 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
3 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon table salt
3/4 cup milk chocolate chips
about a cup of Caramel Bites (If you can’t find those you can use 20-25 caramel squares- cut in quarters)

Flaked sea salt (for topping)


For topping the blondies you will need an additional cup and a half of milk chocolate chips and the sea salt flakes like Maldon.

Preheat oven to 350.

Grease two 8×8 pans– as a little trick I use the wrapper that the butter was in, to grease my pans. There is usually enough left on there to do the job. No waste!
You could use just one large pan but will need to account for the additional thickness cooking time.

Melt the butter in a saucepan, transfer to a large bowl-then add the brown sugar and mix well, using a whisk.

When the brown sugar and butter are blended well, add the maple syrup, vanilla and the the eggs-one at a time. (Make sure the mixture has cooled enough to add the eggs…you don’t want the heat from the butter to cook the eggs.) Stir well. Then add the flour mixture, in 3 parts, stirring well after each addition. Finally, add the caramel and chocolate chips.
Pour the mixture into the greased pans. Spread evenly.

Cook until a toothpick comes out just clean, at least 25-30min. Make sure not to overcook, better to take them out a touch too early and have them a little extra gooey than to overbake them into a brick.

 In a double boiler set up or microwave safe bowl,  melt the rest of the chocolate chips (if in microwave heat in 30 second segments, stirring between each reset). When completely smooth and evenly melted, remove and spread over top of the blondies. Then sprinkle a fine dusting of the sea salt flakes over the melted chocolate. I like Maldon because they are big enough to see so you won’t overdo it, and they don’t melt in completely.


Let cool until chocolate has become solid. Cut the Maple Caramel Sea Salt Blondies into 1.5″ squares.

As a caution- If you plan to refrigerate these, make sure you have ample time to let them soften again. The caramel could be too hard for your teeth.



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