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Creamy Chicken and Broccoli with Wild Rice

I know we are heading into summer, and people are heading outside to grill, but sometimes you just need to throw a one pot meal together and stay in the cool A/C.

Most days when you are craving comfort food you don’t want to wait ages to get it, I certainly don’t. Well, I have a creamy, comforty chicken dish for you- ready lickity split. This Creamy Chicken and Broccoli with Wild Rice has only a few simple steps but yields layers of flavor. The perfect one skillet meal- and winner for a weeknight dinner.


Creamy Chicken Broccoli and Wild Rice                                                  

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Harissa Grilled Wings – #SousVide


Last month, while at IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference), I connected with the fine folks at SousVide and sampled some absolutely scrumptious items. Everything was so sensationally prepared! I had some time to talk to them and learn a bit about how to make superbly and evenly cooked foods.

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Summer Salad of Grilled Chicken over Baby Spinach with Crispy Leeks and Pancetta

I know it is common knowledge, but I have to state the obvious–Florida summers can be brutally hot (like, frying pan to the face, hot). This is one of the reasons I look for ways to create fresh, light meals–dinners I can put together with out a lot of fuss or extra heat waves. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make a salad, and I am a big fan of salads (and staying cool). I don’t like to be hot when I eat and I certainly don’t want to eat hot food when I am hot so, I play around with different salads all summer. This one was fast, simple and super flavorful. 
come dish with me!

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