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Ultimate List of Travel Must Haves

Are you a fellow wanderlsuter? Wanting to see as much as possible while lugging the least? Are you ready for the ultimate list of travel must haves?

When packing for a trip, you want to make sure you have the essentials without going overboard. I am all for being prepared but the older I have gotten, the less I want to lug around a MASSIVE suitcase, or schlep stuff I am bound to dispose of at some point. Whether going by plane, train or automobile, I have put together a list of my faves and life savers. 


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Hawaii Dreaming

I’ve been Hawaii dreaming lately.  Like, a lot. Sadly I have never been, but it has always been on my travel bucket list. It’s been a dream to laze about on the Big Island and explore the other captivating islands on a leisurely escape. Ahead of booking flights and arranging luaus, one of the main decisions to make ahead of a trip is whether to indulge at a resort, or go for the convenience and homestyle feel of renting a (luxury) home away from (not so luxurious) home. Hawaii rental homes  can run the gamut from chic apartments to sprawling estates.   

Untitled design-37 

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