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Asparagus Tips with Cucumber Vinaigrette #BloggerCLUE

As spring rolls around once more, it is time to start thinking about what to serve at Easter. With all the bright, fresh, crisp colors of the new season we have so much to choose from. Luckily, to help even more, the Blogger C.L.U.E. theme this month is Easter so we’ll get you everything you need to please ol’ Peter Cottontail.

This month I was paired with Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm and I had a lovely time looking through her blog. There was so much to choose from, of course. I was on the hunt though for something light, crisp and fresh– so as soon as I saw the Asparagus Tips with Cucumber Vinaigrette– I knew I’d found my post!

plate label

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Italian Soup for #BloggerCLUE

It’s not often cold here, really cold anyway, and we’ve had a bit of a cold snap come through, so this was the perfect time to work on this month’s Blogger C.L.U.E. theme– soups & stews. Who doesn’t love a good belly warming bowl of comforting soup?

I was assigned to Authentic Suburban Gourmet and went right to “work” looking for a scrumptious soup to dish up. I didn’t stew over it for long (see what I did there) as I quickly came across Perfect Italian Soup, and it had my name written all over it. At this time of year I really crave a nice bowl of ribollita which makes me fondly remember my time living in Florence, Italy. Ribollita is a rustic soup made with vegetables, and bread- it translates to reboiled, as it’s a peasants soup that dates back centuries. It is classically Tuscan and perfectly delizioso. Ribollita, GOOD ribollita, is really hard to find here, but I’m always up for something with an Italian flair, and although this is a different kind of soup, it’s a great recipe to have on hand when the temperatures drop. So here’s my take on Lisa’s Italian Soup.


 italian soup

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Massaged Kale Salad #BloggerCLUE

The holidays can be rough on everyone– and everything. Your wallet, your energy, your diet. As we head into a fresh, new 2016, everyone needs some rejuvenating… a massage even. You, me, a couple bunches of kale. We deserve it. 

With all the resolutions, vows to quit sugar, exercise more, drink less… it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, the Blogger C.L.U.E. crew has your sorted. This month the theme is healthy eating recipes so you can stack your meal calendar with good (for you) food galore. 

This Massaged Kale Salad is where it’s at. Give it a go.  

Kale Salad

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Roasted Squash and Apple Soup

As we head into the holiday season, it’s nice to have a lighter, healthier option on hand for those days when you can feel you’ve overindulged. Not to say this Roasted Squash and Apple Soup isn’t perfectly satisfying and delectable any old autumn day, just keep the recipe in your back pocket for when you’re hungry for a satisfying soup. 


Roasted Squash and Apple Soup 

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Savory Brussels Sprouts with Zesty Goat Cheese #VegFlavorBible


{This giveaway is sponsored by Karen & Andrew and their publisher, Little Brown & Company, I was compensated by product, a copy of the book, and all opinions are my own and uncoerced.} 

It is time for another giveaway -and this one is so cool.

I am super excited to be a part of this contest offering! The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is an amazing resource for everyone who enjoys fruits and vegetables of all sorts. The bountiful book has page after glorious page (554 of them to be exact) of incredibly useful information. From mushrooms to rutabagas, apricots to kale and almost anything else you can think of, each listed with useful informational tidbits like the flavor affinities (or flavor pairings that accentuate the flavor of the item), to techniques for the best way to cook them, their botanical relatives and nutritional profile, to name a few. Have an over abundance of a fruit or vegetable? Never used a certain green before? New to cooking with nectaries? Just flip to the page and see what pairs well with it for inspiration to create a whole new dish! That’s how I came up with these beauties. These Savory Brussels Sprouts with Zesty Goat Cheese are light, and a little zingy, with a just dash of tang. 

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Black Bean Salad

 black bean salad

I’ve been making this Black Bean salad for ages and  It’s colorful, flavorful, and wonderful to share or make ahead for healthy meals throughout the week. Beyond being a scrumptious addition to any meal, it is quick and simple to put together. 

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Creamy Asparagus Soup for #BloggerCLUE


Since it’s such a lovely spring day here in North Florida, and since I didn’t have anything planned for lunch…I  decided to do an extra post for Blogger C.L.U.E. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a veggie recipe up to share, since my first post was fabulously fruity.

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Herbs de Provence Fennel Pollen and Goat Cheese Popovers with Acorn Squash (for Fennel Friday)




This has got to be one of the most delightfully aromatic blends I’ve received from The Pollen Ranch. I was so excited to come up with something for this enchanting blend.  There is so much flavor, it would be delicious so many ways–like, added to a butter rub for roasting chicken. I thought first about putting it into a savory cookie type recipe, but decided to go another route. Check back with me though, because I plan to get to that soon. 

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