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North Forkin’ in Greenport, NY

I’ve been to Greenport a few times now, and I find it to be one of the most relaxing and quaint little towns — the perfect spot for some summer fun, rest and recharging. As we are in the thick of summer, I think about all the goodies the North Fork has to offer and I wanted to share some of them with you. 

So if you are looking for Summer Fun — have a look at some of my favorites and go North Forkin’ in Greenport, NY! 

north forkin


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Autumn Sangria

Sangria is such a versatile beverage, sippable in winter, spring, summer and fall. I like to make many variations (depending on the season) and this is the perfect blend for fall. Spiced and sweet, with a bit of a kick! Autumn Sangria is exactly what you need for a tailgate party, jaunt through the pumpkin patch or at a bachelorette brunch.  Really, you just need it… anywhere. 

Autumn Sangria

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Getting Bubbly with Franciacorta at #IFBC

Before I ventured out to Seattle last month for IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference), I spent some time deciding what sessions to attend. When I came upon the Saturday session with Franciacorta, I didn’t even need to think another minute about it. I knew immediately I was Getting Bubbly with Franciacorta at IFBC! 

Getting Bubbly at IFBC

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Hey Hey Rosé Day Party

Hey Hey, Rosé! 

I’ve been imbibing this rosey refreshment for ages but realized some friends weren’t as experienced with the elixir, so I recently threw a little Sunday night soirée. The pink stuff isn’t all white zin (no thank you), there is so much more to “pink wine”. What better way is there to introduce new wines than to have a party?  I wanted to enjoy one of my favorite types of wine, with some lovely ladies while having some food and fun, and share a few laughs. Done and done, and done and done. 




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