Uncommon Goods

Have you ever heard of Uncommon Goods? 

-Yes? Awesome, great stuff right? Check out all the goodies below you need to try!

-No? Well,  you’ve been missing out– but keep reading! I found some fabulous uncommon goodies I think you’ll like as much as I do.




I was lucky enough to be offered some awesome items from Uncommon Goods and I was so excited to shop for some kitchen goodies. I picked some things I thought I needed (and did) and some things I never knew I needed (but I am SO GLAD I have now.)

In this search for new kitchen goodies, I have found the most perfect vessel for a SOUPer meal. The Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo (above) is convenient and perfectly sized for any meal. You can use it for yogurt and fruit, or grits and eggs, oatmeal- and meal really. I love that the bowl won’t slip and slide around, which conveniently prevents soup sloshing, and if you know me, you know how important that is.


I’m a kid at heart, or an overgrown child, depending on who you ask, so as soon as I saw UNICORN — my eyes widened. The first thing I put in my cart was this Elwood the Magical Unicorn Mug I mean, it’s a unicorn mug- how could I pass this up! My only complaint on this would be that it less vibrant than pictured on the site, but that can be expected since they are each original, handmade pieces, so two are exactly the same. (Still a winner in my book.) It now has its own special home in my cabinet on a high up shelf so that he can’t be bumped or jostled. He’s a nice coffee companion in the morning as I work from home and the animals get sick of me talking to them all the time


“Handmade from stoneware clay-and fairy dust-Elwood is a fanciful companion to your coffee, tea, or cocoa.”


This lovely Garlic Grating Bread and Oil Dipping Plate  is going to be one of my favorite party platters. I haven’t had then change to entertain with it yet, but I have my second annual Hey, Hey Rosé Day party coming up this weekend and will be sure to use it! Set up a make your own bruschetta or caprese salad station for guests and they’ll be happy as can be. 



These weren’t my first items of introduction to Uncommon Goods, my mother generously gifted me some items last year, and I have been a fan ever since i first flipped through the catalog. I love this handy-dandy-for-a-food-blogger Cook’s Conversion Cuff to wear when baking or blogging. And this ceramic Utensil Draining Caddy, looks lovely sinkside to hold all my sparkling clean baking tools. There is just so much to choose from – you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s a birthday gift for your bestie, or a motivational monday- treat yourself gift, or something or a blushing bride, even hubby/boyfriend can be treated to a sweet surprise.


What would you like to try from Uncommon Goods? They have some cool scarves (you can never have too many accessories), and even personalized gifts. Go have a look at their site and let me know in the comments. One lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to shop! 


Happy Dishing, 



*Winner chosen at random. Contest ends October 10, 2016 at 5:00Eastern.

Although Uncommon Good gifted me some items, these thoughts an opinions are my own. 

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